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Packaging Factory

Mesco IMS provides custom solutions for builders of stamping dies, checking fixtures, assembly tooling, and specialized machinery.

Construction Worker

Since 1945

Mesco provides kit solutions to builders of highly variable, highly complex custom tooling and specialized machinery.  We procure, pack, and deliver all components needed for construction in a single kit. This Just-In-Time turnkey service reduces your costs of constructing dies, molds, checking fixtures, weld and assembly tools, and specialized machinery by reducing the variability associated with the flow of material. 

Packs | Program Management

Mesco has developed process management programs for the three major automotive manufacturers but is flexible enough to customize a program for any size organization.  The value we provide to our customers is greater than the price of products we supply.

Automation Tooling | Design | Build | Sub-Assembly

  • Tri-Axis, Tandem, and Crossbar design.

  • Build and test tooling with panel and or panel-less, to ensure functionality before sending to the customer's assembly line.

  • Maximize the utilization of refurbished components in new designs.

  • Stock parts for expedited delivery. 

Kitting | Special Packaging

Mesco packs improve your labor efficiency. We handle the procurement and delivery of materials so you can dramatically improve efficiency, asset utilization, and throughput. We streamline the process and enable lean in environments that are historically lean-prohibitive. 

3rd Party Logistics

Management of inbound overseas freight, customs, warehousing product, order fulfillment, distribution, and outbound freight.  

Cargo Shipping Containers

The Mesco Advantage

Implementing our packs allows you to focus on your core business.

The Mesco Advantage

  • Mesco becomes your single source for all die, weld tool, and automation tooling components, reducing your procurement process to one supplier.

  • Long lead items are managed during design prior to BOM release, eliminating the need for multiple RFQ's and the loss of valuable time.

  • Our packs are shipped just-in-time, allowing critical floor space to be utilized for build and integration.

  • Components are kitted by tool process, so your skilled toolmakers and integrators build right out of the pack.

Our Customers

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Do long lead-times, high markups and components arriving piece by piece prevent your business from performing at their optimal level? 


Let Mesco help you receive the highest Return on Investment from your business dollars. 

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